What to Expect on a Sunday

Welcome to Hilltop Fellowship! We gather together every Sunday morning at 10:15am for Corporate Intercessory Prayer. We exalt the Lord together in Praise, Worship and Singing Hymns together as a Family. The spoken word is either preached by the Senior Pastor, Pamela Andrews or the Associate Pastor, Suzanne Gill. After the word of GOD goes forth, we open the altar for prayer, healing, deliverance and salvation. We worship GOD in our giving of tithes and offerings. We say a prayer over the offering to bless the ones that gave and also the ones that wanted to give but didn’t have it to give. We bless our meal for our fellowship luncheon as we say the final benediction prayer. On the 2nd Sunday of each month, we partake of the Lord’s Supper by taking communion. After the service, everyone is invited to enjoy a café style lunch on select Sundays. You are always welcome to explore and enjoy the property grounds; take in beautiful views and walk with God around the property.

Sunday service time: 10:30 AM


Location Details & Directions

You can use a GPS or your favorite maps application to navigate to our address on Sunday. However, please note that our property entrance is located directly on Ashville Highway. Some navigation tools may incorrectly take you off the highway onto a back road, but ensure you remain on Ashville Highway until you see our mailbox and entrance described below.

The property entrance is located on the north side of Ashville Highway, about 5 miles east of Monticello, FL. You will see the property’s white fencing and our paved driveway with a gate across the road from the 4741 mailbox. (The gate should be open during church times.) Follow the drive up to the big house on the hill and enter the building through the front door and join us in the sanctuary (garage) and/or fellowship area on Sunday mornings.


Hilltop Christian Fellowship
4741 Ashville Highway
Monticello, FL 32344