On The Grounds Ministry

The Grounds at Hilltop are Dedicated to God:

An expanded vision has unfolded at Hilltop Christian Fellowship in 2023 and continued for 2024 in a strong way.   The ministering hearts at Hilltop have had a very effective outreach to people in need after Hurricane Idalia.  When a hurricane hit a home sometimes it takes more than a case of water to get people back on their feet.  People often do not have anywhere to turn when there house has been destroyed or swept away.  Hilltop has partnered with people in the Federal and State level to provide support and restoration for families; parents, children and extended brothers and sisters in Christ.   The hearts at Hilltop have provided mentoring programs for people to grow and develop with the heart of Christ.  In 2024 you will see that we have expanded our Sunday church time  to include a special youth gathering and lessons. 

We are expanding our influence for the co-ordination of a music worship events on the property as well.  God shows up when we Worship.  may the area hear a ROAR in ’24.  A roar of worship and victory sounding far and wide.

Update March 2024: We are partnering with Lord Almighty Ministries and Restore The Roar. Save the date: May 24-26 2024.  See www.LordAlmighty.com/Ministries/Restore-the-Roar