Our Beliefs

It may seem like a simple question—“How do I know if I am a true Christian?”—with a simple answer: “A Christian is a follower of Jesus Christ.”

But if it’s that simple, why are there around 40,000 different denominations from which to choose? Some of those thousands of denominations are very different from one another—with differing beliefs and worship practices. Hilltop Christian Fellowship is non-denominational.  Which means we do not subscribe to any particular denomination or idea that sets others into their own category of belief or religious ritual or practice.  We subscribe only to the Truth, The Holy Spirit is the Spirit of Truth, Jesus is the Person of Truth, and God the Father is the Creator of all Truth that is.   Knowing Truth is like knowing a person: the closer one get to them the greater truth one knows.  Seek Truth and you will Find it.  We Believe you will find God the Father, Jesus his Son and his gift to you, the Holy Spirit.

Hilltop Christian Fellowship is here to teach and help people know God’s Truth, ourselves and the community at large to function in life of Truth, and the nations that God has us reach to be blessed by Truth.

Our church was founded on the scripture from Matthew Ch 5:14. We are a church that is a beacon of light to the world. A church that sits on a hill that cannot be hidden. We are a spirit filled, five-fold ministry church. We believe that JESUS Christ was conceived by a virgin Mary through an immaculate conception from the Holy Spirit. We believe that JESUS is the Son of the Most High GOD. We believe that JESUS was crucified on Calvary, buried in a borrowed tomb and rose again on the third day. We believe in Miracles, Signs and Wonders.

Throughout His ministry, Jesus Christ emphasized the importance of belief (Mark 1:15; 16:16-17; John 3:12-15; 7:38; 14:1). The truth is that what we believe matters. A true Christian is one who believes—and then practices—the truths of the Bible.